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Don't let this one scare you off we
know how to handle all of this for you...

Search engine submission is the least expensive internet advertising method and probably has the highest payback.

The problem with search engines is that most have strict requirements for submitting your site.

You are only allowed to submit once
and it can take up to 6 weeks before
you are listed if they decide to accept
your site.

Some won't list you if your site is made
with frames.

Some won't list if they don't like your
website's colors.

They think you are trying to hide
something if your text is too close to
your background color.

Some require meta tags to describe and
categorize your site and others will use text on your page if meta tags do not exist.

If your text is in graphic form,
you don't get listed unless y.

In all cases, any keyword or category you would like your site listed under, MUST have corresponding text on the page. In other words, your site must be about what you say it's about. Keywords should also exist in your website's headlines and links. Reciprocal banner exchanges are good if you can control the relevancy of the exchange. It probably won't help your site to advertise pornography if you are selling educational materials to high school teachers.

Buying search engine keywords or phrases (also referred to as keywords)can be good, and also really expensive. This process is where you buy a keyword ad, relating to your business or information and your ad will appear on either the top of the page or on the right side. It can also appear on other people's websites if you choose.

For example, if you sell bicycles and you buy the keyword "bicycle", whenever someone uses that search engine and includes "bicycle" in the search words, your ad may be displayed depending on certain factors.




The Basics:

Why a website?

Advertising on Internet

Minimum Requirements

Attracting Visitors

About Search Engines

Your Internet Name

What is Hosting?

Designing your site

Your email address

For Beginners:
- What to look for in a web
hosting company and top
web host provider

Become a Webmaster

Learn the things you need
to know to create a website
that gets high search engine
ranking and the qualified
visitors you want

- How can I deal with your
company long distance?

Are you a web host?

Where do I register my
domain name?

Can I host a website myself?

What is WebMail?

- Make your website work

Make a web page the search
engines will like

Create a web page your
visitor will like

Create web site templates

How to pick the best
search engine keywords

The cost of a keyword varies because they are auctioned off. The prices are based on how much others ae willing to pay for the top spot on the page. While the minimum bid is usually 5 cents, that amount is almost always too low for consideration by the search engines. Top ranking prices vary from over a hundred dollars per click to $1.50 in practice. If you bid 5 cents and others are bidding $100 per click, your ad will probably never display.

A bidder starts by setting a daily budget for the ads. If that budget is less than $30 per day, the ads will get very few "impressions". That means the number of times the ad was shown to a searcher. The ratio of impressions to ads that were clicked is called the "click-through rate". Well written pertinent ads get better click-through rates.

A click reduces your budget remainder. Once your daily budget has been reached, your ads stop being displayed. An advertiser can set the times of the day the ads should be displayed, but the person with the highest bid amount at that time will get the top positions.




No high pressure tactics, no gimmicks or gadgets, no black hat techniques.
Integrity is our bottom line. We employ white hat techniques and specialize in relationships with individuals and companies that want more than just a web presence. We guide you through the vast Internet maze while demystifying the process. If Internet sales of your product or service is what you want -
not just traffic or a high ranking - you have come to the right place!

All backed with knowledge -
Gained from years of experience, being in the website business since 1996, and our outstanding customer service.


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